I believe in angels on earth — because one escorted my Ronnie to the Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, TN last Wednesday. Now this is BIG. An overnighter – two nights, in fact, without ME!!!! We’re talking real manly stuff here. But I did take off from work on Friday and join them. While I enjoyed seeing the cars, visiting with old friends, and discovering the narrow path that edged the river behind our hotel, Ronnie Foster was in heaven. In his younger days, he rebuilt hot rods himself, so he knows and absolutely loves cars.

Ronnie in his friend’s Galaxy convertible, the wind in their hair, the sun on their face, and Rod Stewart on the radio – life doesn’t get much better

Okay, so this is not a first. Ronnie attended the Rod Run last year with this same friend. Except for Ronnie ordering pancakes for three meals in one day last year (which Ronnie still laughs about), they had a fantastic time. This year – no pancakes until our farewell breakfast.

I am forever grateful to all the good guys on this trip who took such good care of Ronnie (I am also grateful for Galaxy convertibles and my personal favorite, Rod Stewart)!

The convoy gassing up for the ride home.