As hard as I try, I can never truly know what life is like for my husband since his stroke. One thing I do know, there’s a lot going on in that mind of his, and thanks to the video below, I will never again doubt the possibilities of his intellect.

The video is about Carly Fleischmann, a young girl with autism. As you watch, please pay close attention to what Carly’s dad says about being horrified regarding the years of talking in front of her like she wasn’t there. His horror is a good reminder to never doubt, no matter how severe we might perceive the condition, the wonder and resilience of the human brain.

I want to thank my dear friend, Kim (who happens to be the happiest woman I’ve ever met), for reminding me of this video on her blog, Too Darn Happy.

Want to hear more from Carly? You can follow her amazing thoughts at carlysvoice.com


  • http://www.cheriswalwell.com Cheri

    Wow, Connie, thank you for that reminder. What an eye opener. I needed more than one tissue to get through that video but I’m so glad I did. My only prayer is that it made me sensitive to things I accidentally say even in front of my own children without thinking about the impact. May I speak less and listen more.

    • Connie Foster

      I like what you’ve said here about speaking less and listening more. In my case, I need to listen more carefully, especially when on the service there appears to be nothing to hear.

  • Madonna Siles

    What a powerful video…thank you for posting it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for stopping by. Carly is amazing isn’t she? As soon as I can I want to spend some time catching up on her blog!